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Amyron Syrup (Pack of 4)

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Amyron is a special formula for all ages with vitalizing herbs  whick contributes to reduction of tiredness & fatigue by Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Mulsi & Wheat germ oil. Amyron supplements natural iron from arbi leaves, punernava mandoor, lauh bhasam etc. with papaya leaves, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, fenugreek, raisins etc. which contributes to normal energy release.  Basis for health maintenance needs to have activity restoration, which is accomplished by Amyron. Amyron syrup is available in delicious taste & pineapple flavor designed to be gentle on stomach, easily digestible & start work instantly.

Enriched With Special Nutrients For Haemoglobin & Red Blood Cells

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    Improves Immunity & Antioxidant Defence

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    Fulfills nursing Mother’s Nutritional Requirement

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    Provides Natural, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C & Vitamin B6

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    Improve blood and platelet picture

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    Improves Hemoglobin Level & Iron absorption

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    Reduces Tiredness & Fatigue


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    Arbi (Colocasia esculenta)
    Rich source of Iron, improves Hemoglobin level

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    Methi (Trigonella foenum-graecum)
    Provide rich source of Micro-nutrients

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    Papaya (Carica papaya)
    Improves blood and platelet picture

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    Amla (Phyllanthus emblica)
    Protect body tissues from oxidative damage, improve iron absorption

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    Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)
    Supplement Omega-6 and Omega-3


  • Adults : 3 tsf. TDS
  • Children (3-6 yrs): : 1/2 tsf BD
  • Children (7-12 yrs): : 1 tsf BD

Unique Salient Features of Amyron

  • Enriched with more than 30 phyto nutrients with total conc. of 2906 mg/10 ml, highest among products of its segment
  • A natural Iron tonic enriched with minerals, vitamins & more
  • Supplements easily absorbable natural iron with folic acid
  • Balanced & nourishing supplement for pregnant & nursing mothers
  • Improves overall blood picture, improves level of Hb, platelets, RBC’s & WBC’s
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • Improves platelet count significantly, helps in Dengue

Indications for Amyron

  • Nutritional Anaemia
  • Anaemia of Pregnancy
  • Anaemia Resulting from Menorrhagia
  • Anaemia manifested by generalized weakness
  • Tiredness & fatigue
  • Post disease weakness
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Lack of appetite

Dosage of Amyron

    • Syrup:

    Adults (Men & Women): 

    3 Teaspoonful twice a day.


    (1-3 years): 1/2 Teaspoonful twice a day

    (4-6 years): 1 Teaspoonful twice a day

    (7-12 years): 2 Teaspoonful twice a day

    • Tablet

    Adult (Men & Woman):

    1-2 tablet twice a day

    Children (7-12 years): 

    1 tablet twice a day

    or as directed by the physician 

Safety of Amyron


FAQs about Amyron

What is AMYRON?
Answer :
Amyron is a natural health restorative containing gentle iron, minerals, vitamins and more which contributes to the normal formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells plus normal energy release and vitality with vitalizing herbs which contribute to reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
What are the symptoms which indicate a low level of Haemoglobin in the blood?
Answer :
Anaemia is a condition in which a person has a lower than the normal number of red blood cells or haemoglobin in their blood. A person with anaemia may experience symptoms and signs such as:
  • Shortness of breath
  • Palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Low levels of energy
Which herb in AMYRON increases the haemoglobin content in the blood?
Answer :
Arbi leaves, Ashwagandha, Punernava and many other herbs in AMYRON increases the haemoglobin content in the blood.
Which herb in AMYRON increases platelet count significantly?
Answer :
AMYRON is fortified with Papaya leaves which directly acts on bone marrow to prevent further destruction & increases the platelet count significantly.
I have an 8-year-old child and he gets tired easily within little of outdoor play? Can AMYRON help him?
Answer :
AMYRON is an excellent health tonic, Fenugreek and Wheat Bran in Amyron exerts beneficial effects on endurance capacity of the body. Wheat protein from wheat bran gets metabolised into health building amino acid, also increases the folate bioavailability. Omega-3, Omega-6 from wheat germ oil in Amyron helps in toning body system and improves overall health.
I am a working women and I feel my energy resources getting depleted in the mid hours of work? Can AMYRON help in my condition?
Answer :
Yes, AMYRON is multi vitamin, multi mineral tonic with natural resources which help in boosting the energy.
I am 45-year-old diabetic patient and feel weakness during the day? Can AMYRON help in my condition?
Answer :
Yes, AMYRON Tablets would help in improving energy levels throughout the day.
I am recently diagnosed with diabetes can I take AMYRON syrup?
Answer :
No, being diabetics you can take AMYRON Tablets which are equally effective.
Can females also use this medication?
Answer :
Yes, females can also use this product, In fact all the members of the family can use AMYRON.
I am 2 months pregnant and feel very tired all the time can I take AMYRON?
Answer :
Although Amyron is very safe to be taken in Pregnancy but it should be taken after first trimester of pregnancy, only under the supervision of physician.
Can AMYRON be taken in lactation?
Answer :
Yes, AMYRON can be taken by nursing mother’s it will help to replenish mother’s body as well as regularize milk flow due to presence of shatavar, cumin and fenugreek in it.
I am 60-year-old male feel tired, weak, lazy and sometimes unable to do my daily routine works of my own. Can I use AMYRON?
Answer :
Yes, you can use AMYRON in cases of weakness, lethargy to boost energy and delay age related pathology.
Is there any kind of Drug interaction reported with the AMYRON?
Answer :
No, there is no drug interaction reported.
Is there any adverse effect of AMYRON?
Answer :
No, being an herbal preparation it is free from any adverse effect.
In which dosage form AMYRON is available?
Answer :
Amyron is available in syrup and tablet dosage form and you can take as per your convenience.
For how long should a person take AMYRON?
Answer :
AMYRON should be taken till the person gets relief from the condition or as directed by the physician.
From where can I buy Amyron?
Answer :
AMYRON is easily available at our online pharmacy or any leading chemist near you.
Can AMYRON be taken with other Allopathic medicines?
Answer :
Yes, AMYRON can be taken with Allopathic medicines.
On which system of medicine AMYRON is based upon?
Answer :
AMYRON which is a comprehensive mixture of highly effective herbs is based on the age old scientific knowledge i.e. AYURVEDA
In which condition should I take AMYRON?
Answer :
AMYRON can be taken in following conditions
  • Nutritional Anaemia
  • Anaemia of pregnancy
  • Anaemia resulting from menorrhagia
  • Anaemia manifested by generalized weakness
  • General debility
  • Convalescence
  • Oxidative stress
  • Anorexia
what is the recommended dose of AMYRON tablets?
Answer :
Adults (men & women) – 1 to2 tablet twice a day Children (7-12 yrs.) – 1 tablet twice a day
My job requires lot of travelling which empties my energy reserves at the end of the tour, Will Amyron help in restoring my energy reserves?
Answer :
Amyron is a daily health restorative it will not only revive your health but also boosts your energy level in the long run.
I have just recovered from a bout of typhoid and currently feeling very weak, Will Amyron help me in this condition?
Answer :
Yes, absolutely Amyron will help in overall health restoration.
Could I take Amyron after the delivery of a child?
Answer :
Amyron can be taken after the delivery of a child as a health booster.
I am undergoing chemotherapy and feeling extremely weak? Will Amyron help in this condition?
Answer :
Yes, Absolutely Amyron will go in a long way in improving overall health.
I am 30-year-old male, I am having symptoms of Muscle cramps, Muscle atrophy, Poor memory, irritability, sleep disturbance. Will Amyron help in these conditions?
Answer :
Your symptoms closely relate to a disease Beri-beri which is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B1. Amyron supplements Vitamin B1 in rich quantity, however we recommend you consult a physician before use.
Do Amyron provide Vitamin A?
Answer :
Amyron is a multi-vitamin multi mineral formulation which provide majority of the nutrients needed by the human body for maintaining good health.
I am a female of age 27 years and I have recently started to breast feed my young baby. How will Amyron help in lactation?
Answer :
Amyron is fortified with Cumin, Fenugreek and Shatavar which replenish the quality of mother’s milk which is vital for first 6 month of the baby.
I am a female of age 31 and is suffering from following condition: Dry hair and hair loss, Muscular weakness, Leg cramps, Weakness. Will Amyron help in my condition?
Answer :
Your symptoms indicate a deficiency of Vitamin E. Amyron comprises of Wheat Germ oil which is an excellent source of vitamin E. Amyron will surely help in your case. Consult a physician if conditions worsen.
I am a 40-year-old male and in a high demanding job, since few months I am experiencing following conditions: Weakness, Memory loss, Muscle and joint pain, Wrinkles and grey hair, Decreased eye sight, Headache and sensitivity to noise. Will Amyron help in this condition?
Answer :
The condition you mentioned are signs of under lying oxidative damage. Amyron is enriched with Amla and Aloe Vera which play a vital role in protecting body tissue from oxidative damage. Taking Amyron may help you to relieve symptoms. Consult physician for proper detailed advice.
I have been advised to take a multi vitamin and multi mineral tonic but I have heard that these tonic stains teeth and disturb gastric health. Will Amyron fulfil my requirement without any negative effects?
Answer :
Amyron is a natural Multi vitamin multi mineral tonic which restores overall health and is completely freed from adverse effects of Teeth staining, gastric disturbances, constipation, metallic taste, nausea and vomiting.
I am suffering from general weakness and I am in 4th month of pregnancy. Will Amyron help in my condition?
Answer :
Amyron is enriched Arbi patr, punernava, puneravadi mandooor which are rich sources of iron to meet the increased need of iron during pregnancy.
What if patient stop taking Amyron?
Answer :
The benefits and improvements patient have gained from Amyron may drop down if patient discontinue taking the recommended dosage on a daily basis.
What if patient don’t take the full recommended dosage of Amyron?
Answer :
People may differ in their response to any supplement. If patient try a lower than recommended dosage the expected benefits will not be gained in proposed period of time.
Can I take more dosage of Amyron to recover faster?
Answer :
Over dosage is not permitted. However, dose may vary from person to person depending upon condition and severity of patient.
I am teen age girl and facing irregular menstrual periods with heavy blood loss. Can I take Amyron?
Answer :
Yes, surely can take Amyron to overcome weakness, dizziness and lethargy and to regularize irregular menstrual cycle you can take another product of AIMIL Amycordial in prescribed dosage or seek physician advice.
My grandfather met an accident last month and suffered heavy blood loss. He turned very weak after that. Will Amyron help?
Answer :
Yes, definitely Amyron will help to recover from weakness by increasing the energy reserves and also boost the haematopoiesis process to recover from situation.
Even after having good diet my daughter has dull skin, rough hairs and complains of tiredness all the time, Nauseatic and vomiting complaints especially during her menstrual days. Can Amyron be given to her?
Answer :
The symptoms you described explains her nutritional requirements are not met as per her age with the diet she is taking. In such cases some of nutritional supplement is required to be taken for healthier growth and development. Taking Amyron will help her to cope with such conditions. For detailed information consult physician.
I do take T.B medicine regularly but my weight and appetite are continuously decreasing. What should I do?
Answer :
The concern you had with your diet and weight are temporary effects of T.B therapy. You are advised to take T.B medications regularly as per physician advice and you can start up Amyron for the reason you stated or seek physician advice.
I am carrier of thalassemia minor trait. Can I take Amyron?
Answer :
In thalassemia minor cases Amyron will help you to boost energy as it not only supplements Mineral & vitamin but also acts as Raasayana for overall health toning effect, the physiology boosting ,the immunity enhancing , an adaptogenic & anti-oxidant while improving appetite, promote digestion and activating over all metabolic processes. Moreover, vitamins and minerals are from vegetative resources.
Many times health tonics are prescribed to me, but I am unable to take them for the tenure and dosage advised due to their strange odour. Is Amyron also has the same taste?
Answer :
We understand your concern for the taste and odour of varied multi vitamin & multi mineral preparations but we assure you that you will find Amyron a delicious taste with palatable flavour syrup to fulfil patient’s compliance.
Does Amyron causes constipation?
Answer :
No, Amyron being an herbal tonic is free from any adverse effects such as constipation.
I am a 45-year-old male and is suffering from hypertension. How will Amyron help?
Answer :
Amyron supplements Alpha linoleic acid which prevent heart diseases and blood vessel diseases, it may also help to lower the blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels.
Can Amyron be given in condition of sickle cell anaemia?
Answer :
Sickle cell anaemia is an incurable disease. Kindly consult your physician regarding the use of Amyron in sickle cell anaemia.